How My Stealth Setup has Evolved


I recently made some significant change in my stealth setup in order to have it more practical,  and easy to carry.

My history with stealth recording setup

In the past years, I have been using Rode NT5, then I switched to smaller and better performing  sennheiser MKH8000 series hidden in a bag along with Sound Devices 788T.

Then I had a period of experimentation, where I successfully setup a surround stealth configuration with 4 microphones placed in bags all around the soundguy, all in stealth, undetectable recording.
I called this configuration the SSS method (Stealth Surround System).  I used it a lot, when I recorded American cities of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, & Toronto in 2017. But also when I recorded in Ecuador the same year.

The SSS technique (Stealth Surround System) I used

This is how I proceed for this technique:
I place 2 microphone hidden in a backpack, with 2 holes placed at the area of side pocket covered by a mesh, a fur windshield can then easily fit inside the pocket, and be hold the microphone in the right direction without being noticed. I do the same with waist bag, that has about the same design (with mesh side pocket).

Then few month ago, I started using the DPA 4060 instead of Sennheiser which allowed much easier and less bulky setup, with more versatility;  but this came with a little downgrade in quality, and a little more self noise from the DPA. In the meantime I switched the 788 for the Sound Devices MixPre-6.

My actual stealth setup

stealth recording with mikrousi from lom

3 weeks ago I discovered the LOM MikroUsi and decided to give it a try.
I have to say they have an impressive quality, I use them with the Sony PCM D100, which is much more transportable, and has better quality than similar-size recorders. Even though I don’t record surround stealth anymore, I am now pretty happy with this stereo setup, very easy to carry around which allow great stealth recordings!

Rivers & Waterfalls around the world

Rivers & Waterfalls

Many countries

For the past 10 months, I have been travelling through 20 countries, and I have recorded many rivers (and waterfalls) along the way. Particularly in Switzerland (Alps), in Spain (Pyrenees), in Georgia, and Iceland. I decided to pull out an entire sound library out of these recordings.

Local & geological particularities

Each place has its own particularities by the geological factors and climate type.
For example in Switzerland, the rivers were formed by fresh snow melting down, since it was the beginning of spring. In Iceland, I captured streams coming from hot springs and geothermal activities, the water was hot and steaming! In Georgia, I recorded a narrow canyon, which amplified the current intensity. In France I had interesting shallow rivers, flowing onto red clay type of rocks. Each of the places I recorded were really unique, and it translates into sound.

Various distances and perspectives

I put effort of capturing the sound from various distance and perspective,  which can better carry the sense of space when integrating the sound into game or a movie scene. The recording I did were done with up to 5 different distance from the source, and if possible different angles. I also recorded under bridges, in caves,  in underground tunnel, but also underwater with hydrophones.

This sound like an easy thing to do, rivers are everywhere, but not a lot of library focus on delivering various distance and perspective.

Cleaning and looping

I’m working now to clean everything nicely, getting rid of birds and making it ready to use with ‘loopeable sound’.

Future update

I am already looking into future update for this library, like adding some ambisonics recordings, and more underwater or cave sounds. I love water and I think most people do too. I am also looking into creating tracks for the purpose of relaxation/meditation.  In the meantime I will update the free water sound library that is available on Articulated Website.

Some news from another land!

Singapore Sounds

Too busy to blog post

Hi everyone!
It’s been awhile since I wrote my latest blog post.
I was busy and did not have time to update the blog.

I did travel to many places, and recorded great sound, I also launched new libraries on the Articulated Sound Website.

Brno Museum

Here a little recap of my itinerary since Morocco:

Even though I will post in depth about my visits in these places and the recordings I did,
here is a quick recap:

After Morocco, I stayed 2 months in Budapest, I needed to be stable for a longer period.
Then I went by bicycle along the Danube, to Bratislava, and Vienna. I went to some places in Czech Republic and in Slovakia, stayed in Brno for 10 days,  and Prague for 1 week.
After that  I went to Georgia (the country) for more than 1 month which I liked a lot (In Georgia, I went to Kutaisi, Mestia, Batumi and Tbilisi).

My Only Belongings! Nothing Else!

Then Athens in Greece, and one Mediterranean island called Santorini, Sofia in Bulgaria, Dubai in UAE, Jaipur in India (I stayed 2 weeks), Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bali in Indonesia, then Singapore where I am writing these lines.


fan sound recordingI also have recorded a lot of fans and HVAC which are featured in the new sound library “100 Fans, HVAC, & Mechanical Drones“.

More Regular Update Post

From now on, I will do more regular update, and most possibly with sound clips to hear from. Here is my plan in 2 steps:

1 Catch up the Session

I will blog post progressively with the latest material and places I’ve visited. Starting with the magnificent Budapest!

2 Post Regular Real-time Update

Then, I will be more vigilant on posting about my progression in real-time.

Hope you like it!
Excited about the next post!!
Cheers from Singapore

World’s largest palm grove!

Recording ambiences & specifics in the world’s largest palm grove, along the Draa valey! Superbe

Unfortunately, the Draa river, that is supposed to pass by the valley, is dry!
No water around! This is due to the dam located upstream at Ouarzazate.
I think it has been like that for 30 years now. But from time to time to let some water flow from upstream. I didn’t witnessed this.
However, local people have to find water for their agriculture, so they dig wells that can go as deep as hundreds of meters in the ground! (and thus draining the last drops from the groundwater)

These were nice recordings, even though a road is passing all along and the traffic resonates from the mountains around.
There were musicians playing traditional music, thus enriching the place with special local vibes.

Montreal 365 ambiences free download | gratuit

Montreal 365 project

Hi, I am so proud to present my newest sound library collection: Montreal 365!

It represents a work that spans over 5 years of recording!

I am happy to make available for free all the 365 ambiences in a low resolution format (mp3). The high resolution quality is available on Articulated website.

You can listen and download some of my recordings on the wonderful Montreal sound map! (thanks to the Stein brothers!) Check it out!

Furthermore, I’m giving away in one pack all the 365 ambiences (mp3 version only) right here :

Download all Montreal 365 low resolution MP3

(!Free to use in your project: the detailed licence)
Also if you use these sounds, you can credit us (but not mandatory) with a link to

Happy listening!

Montreal Sound Recording

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the Sahara – Witnessing Quietude!

Sahara desert

It is remarkable to not hear any sound, and this is what I experienced in the desert! The sand absorbs any reverberation and any sound is dampened.

It was not all quiet though! At times I could hear distant motorbikes. And in the morning really sparse birds around the few trees in here.
The most notable sound comes from “wind”! It creates this noise from the motion of grains of sands but also the palms if there any trees here.

A truly great soundscape experience!

at night

the camp

me on my camel!

Walking to the water

walking desert

Walking in the mountains and finding water source in such dry place! We drank tea at Tizgui, I could record incredible frogs in the source canyon!