The beauties of the Fall season!

I have to say I have been meandering through the region during the latest weeks. There are some beautiful sceneries here in Canada.

Conversely the sound at Autumn is as special as the landscape is.

Autumn Leaves

My main focus was to capture the leaves rustling in trees or on the ground.

It turned out to be quite a challenge, due to the vast amount of unwanted noises, cars, constructions, dogs, …, but also because of the wind itself:
too much wind resulted in too much pink noises coming from all trees around, too few wind is difficult to have enough sounds emanating from the rustle.

The kind of trees is also really important, some leafy branches were quite disappointing, meanwhile I got surprised by some other types of trees or leaves that would deliver incredibly subtle and rich sounds.

I have been searching zones on the map, the further as possible from the roads. I had to travel quite a bit to get away from the traffic, and even there it wasn’t easy to get satisfying soundscapes. I am still experimenting and for few days I am also performing rustling foliage inside the studio with some plants I have gathered on my way.

Autumn time recording

At fall, there are many special sounds.
I took the road and recorded leaves, wind and rustles.
Testing different configurations.
The scenery in Canada are so beautiful, with these multi-colored trees.
I am sad about the end of the warm days of summer but these changes are part of the life cycle.

50 Free sounds download of the Yellow-Rumped Cacique

exotic bird sound

I recently released the Ambience Sound Library : Undiscovered Savannah and Jungle (of The Rupununi);
During the same trip, I also recorded specifics with a Telinga dish.

Today, I gathered wonderful recordings from this incredible bird!

I called it the R2-D2 bird because of its short expressive squeakiness!
The specie’s name is Yellow-Rumped Cacique.

Here is the 50 free sfx to download link and use for free, even commercially:

a Map of my life

personnal map

Wow I am stunned, I just dig out a relic of the past!
This is a map a drew 7 years ago when I arrived in Montreal.
It is supposed to be a ‘personal’ map of my life!
It is funny to see few things have changed since then.

Inspiring ceramics workshop

Ceramics Workshop

Today, I recorded a ceramic artist in its workshop studio. The project is initially for a video where we got an inside look of the lives of 5 people.

It was amazing to see all the passionate and delicate attention going into the creations.  I was mesmerizing by all the tools and process involved! What a nice place to get variety of materials and texture sounds as well as some specific mechanical sound!
Ceramics Studio Art Works

threatened grounds

While walking around the Rupununi, I had a stunning experience about the soundscape of threatened landscape!
There was a burnt area at some place in the forest, which locals would use for culture.

It sadened me that this parcel of Nature had gone to fire.

On the other hand, I discovered Nature were responding to these wounds.
In fact, insects were screeching very loud in this area in a way of an alarm would do. This was a really outstanding soundscape. It is the first time I experience this kind of encounter.



Warmth-fully welcomed in the community of Surama

Savannah Village
the village main benab

Here in the community of Surama, time stands still. It is obvious that very few human activities have shaped the lands, giving us a chance to witness what is a pristine landscape that kept its integrity.

large benab

The local community lives in harmony with mother nature,  they eat plants that they grow themselves and fish from the river. A simple and happy way of living!
Recording Wild Soundscapes
Obviously the soundscapes in here is incredible, rich as they are so many insects, birds and animals striving in this area!