Journal Entry: Day 260

(Nomad: Day 1463),
Wilderness, South Africa,

I have stayed a few days in Wilderness, a small town along the coast of South Africa on the famous garden route. I passed by the Southernmost point of the African continent. I tried to record some wildlife as there are few `’wildlife parks’, another name to say ‘zoo’. However, I did not get any very good results. I had recorded some small tiger puffs, however. and that it. I explored the region a little North with the town of Oudtshoorn, known as the capital of Ostrich. And in fact, there are a lot of Ostrich farms around this place.

It is now more than 3 weeks that I am in South Africa, and I am still in shock sometimes to see how big there is a gap between rich and poor. And usually, it is white versus black. I feel sad that things are this way in this country. Hopefully, apartheid is finished, but its heritage is still deeply anchored. Here it feels as if it is ‘normal’ that white people are more wealthy. All the nice fancy restaurants are full of white people, while most of the blacks are living in sheer poverty, begging in the streets with no job and no money. I am frankly sad about this divide in this nation, known as one of the most unequal countries in the world. Hence it is hard to believe, but non-mixites are very well obvious, whites hang out with whites, black with black. At school, in sport, in family, at the cafes, it seems pretty difficult to find a place where black & white blend on an equal stand. In some businesses, shops, it is possible to see sometimes diversity. Although I have read salaries are not the same depending on your ethnicity. I do not feel at ease with this reality that has been shaped here over the course of history. I hope the future will make things better.
Today I left Wilderness to go to Jeffreys bay where I will stay for one week.

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