Journal Entry: Day 258

(Nomad: Day 1454),
Hermanus, South Africa,

I arrived in this cute little town. I only walked around a little as I am more focused on the work I have to do on the computer. I found a small co-working space here which allows me for a decent connection.
The waterfront is beautiful, they have a cliff path where one can walk through the fynbos just next to the sea, it is quite scenic. This town is well-known for its whale watching, as they gather around the coast, however at this time of year, they are not there. They come only from May to December.
On another note, I found the hours of operation in this town very strange for me. They start early and close everything early (around 4 pm). So in the evening around 7/8 pm the town is completely dead, very quiet, apart from a few restaurants (which close at 9 pm). I think I haven’t been to a place that stops living that early in the last 10 years!
So I decided to adapt, waking up early, so I can sleep early.

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