Journal Entry: Day 259

(Nomad: Day 1460),
Bredasdorp, South Africa,

It has been a few days since my latest post. I stayed in Hermanus,
I explored the surroundings of this town, the local fauna, and flora.
I also tried to record some animals in various parks and sanctuaries that are not too far. I went to this ‘monkey town’ where they have various species of monkeys in cages. I felt sad as the cage was small and it seems it is all made for the visitors and particularly the kids. There is even a waterpark for kids to play in. I felt there is nothing made for the animals’ well-being. Also, a big road was passing just next to the park, creating constant loud noise and stress for the animals. I think it goes without saying I did not get any interesting sounds there. I also tried to visit a Panther place, they also have tigers and lions, and they call them ‘true sanctuary’ as they really care about the well-being of the animals, and do not exploit the animals in any way. However as I went there for an educational visit, I got a lot of explanations, and it was not allowed to get close to the animals, but they were half-sleeping anyway. I learned a little about the tigers and lions trade, as this place tries to fight against this industry that exploits animals.
I tried also to get more penguins at 2 different places, but without success, as there was too much wind, I think got really good sounds when I first recorded anyway. In the latest days, I think the best place where I got the best sounds was this small ‘petting farm’ where it was allowed to interact with the animals, pigs, goats, chickens,… Also, it was funny to get around these animals, I was given a snack pack at the entrance so I was able o give some to the animals and made them interested in my presence.
I have now left Hermanus this morning, and I am on my way to Wilderness, I stopped at a small town and will check the most southern point of the African continent.

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