Journal Entry: Day 270

(Nomad: Day 1502),
Hazyview, South Africa,

Here is my last stop before heading to Kruger Park. I continued to try to capture hippos, I am staying nearby the Sabie river. There are many hotels in this area, and a lot of interesting places to spot hippos are private. Hopefully this night I could hear and record some. Yesterday I went to an Elephant place for 1h30. Although they did not produce any interesting sound for me to record, it was still interesting to see them, there were 5 big beautiful tuskers. They are known to be silent, so it’s just a normal day. The day before at the chimpanzee place, I got some stunning sounds, very loud and clear. Chimps are very talkative, this place is actually a rescue center for all chimps that were badly treated. They share 99% of our DNA. It was truly interesting and instructive.
I started to take preventive treatment for malaria, as Kruger is a risk area.
On my way, I will visit another wildlife refuge.

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