Journal Entry: Day 255

(Nomad: Day 1446),
Hout Bay, South Africa,

Yesterday I started my slow road trip through South Africa. I have more than 2 months a small car, which will allow me to explore the country from West to East and Even from South to North. I don’t know my exact itinerary yet. For now, I am staying around the cape peninsula. I will also take it slow until April, as it will be the Easter period, and there might be more traffic and noises for the 2 last weeks of March. I also have to be careful about safety as South Africa is known to be a country with the most number of crimes in the world. Some neighborhoods are clearly not safe, but I do not plan to go there. I am now in a cute small bay called Hout bay where there are seals, and also a big bird park, I went recording this morning and got some really interesting sounds. Yesterday I visited the Kirstenbosch botanical park, which is very beautiful, situated on the side of the mountain, sunset the bird songs were very lively, even though the road traffic is not far. I am now editing the Elephant recordings from Kenya, as I promise to share them with the sanctuary for their own purpose, probably the educational program. Tomorrow I am going to Simon’s town and trying to catch the sounds of the penguins, and maybe porcupines.

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