Journal Entry: Day 253

(Nomad: Day 1439),
Cape Town, South Africa,

So I had my second and last day in Masai Mara. It is very impressive to see and hear all these animals.
In the second place where I stayed, it was more difficult to record. As it was an upper hill, the wind blew more, and the tents were closer to each other, hence I could hear many unwanted noises. Nevertheless, I did capture beautiful soundscapes during the night and the morning.
Then I got back to Nairobi. I am a little afraid of the small airplanes they use here. Moreover, it did 2 stops before eventually traveling to Nairobi with some turbulences. I spent my last night in the city, and Yesterday I had a long-haul flight to South Africa. However, I had fought against bureaucratic administrative issues. In fact, my passport was stamped for only 1 month when I arrived in Kenya, although I had applied for a 3-month visa in the first place, it was in reality only for 1 month. I just realized it was expired. Hence I had to do a last-minute extension by paying some bribes.
Hopefully, I was able to manage that and I arrived in Cape Town in the evening. A little late, since the flight was delayed.
This morning I went for a walk and discovered the beautiful scenery that offer the surrounding.
I am planning to work hard while exploring this city for at least one week or more.

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