Journal Entry: Day 276

(Nomad: Day 1515),
La gaulette, Mauritius,

I already spent 3 days in this new country, visiting the South-West portion of the island. It is the lushest area boasting parks, natural geographic formations, and lots of cane sugar plantations, but also coffee, bananas, and other plants.
I am really happy I did choose to rent a scooter, it is probably the best way to move around. Also, I have already seen many tourists even though the big touristic season has not started yet.
Anyway, this is now my week of exploration and scouting. Sunday I will settle down at my new home on the highlands of the island’s center.
From what I saw until now, I can say that it is very secure here, people are very friendly, the food is extremely delicious and not expensive if avoiding the tourist traps. Life is simple, however, infrastructures are very good. At this time of the year, the weather is not too hot and not too cold; however, to my surprise, it rained more than I expected. It’s just a matter of chance I think. The wildlife is not megadiverse here, however, it can be beautiful. Most of the endemics were gone extinct due to human development on the island since its discovery in the 16th century. The famous dodo bird which is still the emblem of the country sadly does not exist anymore. I do not come here for wildlife anyway. Once settled down I will focus on my work on computer.

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