Journal entry: Day 280

(Nomad: Day 1863),

Labuha, pulau Bacan, North Maluku, Indonesia

I arrived to this ‘remote’ island of Bacan. Bacan seems like a paradise for Nature and birds.

However I got surprised by the main city, it is more modern and more developed than what I was thinking. Some roads are large like avenue, there is an airport, and the waterfront is well arranged. I do not recognize what I had in mind from the usual remote Indonesian town. I already rent a motorbike and already went on my first recording trip. I found a small road that pass through the jungle, a perfect spot to get nice sounds at sunset. tomorrow I’ll go to the same spot to get sunrise morning.

I am not sure where I will stay tomorrow but I would like around the East area of Bacan, near Babang so I can explore this area more easily.

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