Journal Entry: Day 279

(Nomad: Day 1862),
Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia,

Well Here we go again!

I decided to start writing back my daily journal.

I did a long break from this habit, almost 11 months has past without any new entry in my journal. I feel now it is a good timing to start it back.

So many things happened in between.

The major difference in my life is that I have now established a temporary base in SEA, nearby Kuala Lumpur; Hence I subsequently changed the way I travel, I am still having a nomadic lifestyle, but more like a ‘half-nomad’.

Why I did so?

Well there are 2 main reasons:

  1. this actually support my travel intent way better. Having a base allows to recharge my batteries, my gear and my own self battery! I can store stuff I do not need but might need in the future. I do not have to live out of a backpack at all times. This allows me to use more advanced tools for specific purposes. I do not have to force myself to resell, give, or throw things away like I used to do in the past. I can also have better editing tools and be more productive.
  2. After exploring most regions in the world, I found that Asia is the most complex, it has the most variety in all senses, as landscape, biodiversity, cultures, and I wanted to spend more time around this region, thus I decided that having this temporary base is a good idea, I can do smaller trips, smaller distances, and still exploring something completely new.

I am now in the Northern Maluku region in Indonesia, in between Papua and Sulawesi. There are so many islands here, all different, hence a lot to explore. Nature is special, and most of these islands have each their own endemic species. This region was known few centuries ago as the ‘spice islands’, it was the only place on earth where you could find cloves and nutmegs, but things have changed, these islands are no longer on the radar of any traveler, they do not have beach resorts, or deep historical cultures that would peak the interest of the basic traveler, however naturalists have put this area as of high-interest region. It is in the transitional zone between Asia and Australia where species are a little of both worlds. The fauna is still quite preserved but increasingly threatened by deforestation due to palm plantation and increasing mining activities. I gave myself a mission to try to capture and preserve the unique soundscapes of these islands. The one trip will probably not be enough to encompass all the diversity, but I try to do my best. Tomorrow going to Bacan islands.

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