Journal Entry: Day 278

(Nomad: Day 1542),
Curepipe, Mauritius,

20 days passed by since the latest entry in my journal.
I decided to take a break away from this journal for a few months.
Hence this is my last post for now, until a little later this year.
I decided to focus my attention 100% on the sound work itself. I have a lot of technical tasks to do, and many editing ahead of me. All from sounds, I recorded these past 6 years.
I am enjoying staying in Mauritius for this purpose, life is easy here. There is almost no language barrier, cultures are rich, food is delicious, infrastructures are excellent and it is very safe. I am surprised to find so much rain and cold temperature, however. But the weather changes very fast.
Next week I am moving to a more central place on the island closer to a workplace I found.
Good bye my dear journal, I’ll see you later this year.

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