Journal Entry: Day 267

(Nomad: Day 1493),
Dolphin Coast, South Africa,

So it’s been one week since I stay at this place, in the suburb of Durban.
it is a very modern area with a bigger mix of cultures, I am starting to see another face of the country around here, at least a little different from the West side of the country. I see that the various ethnic groups mingle better in this area.
I expressly decided to stay one week long, so I can continue my work editing sounds, taking care of my health, and doing exercise. I started to plan my future stay on the island of Mauritius where I will arrive in mid-May.
I have to say one week is not enough to anchor enough and get my work advanced the way I would want it to.
It is ok, I will continue the work on my way, and I decided I would take the time to work properly in Mauritius, where I will stay fixed for at least 1 month, and probably more….
2 days ago I took the time to go record at another Monkeyland place, I got amazing sounds of Lemurs. I tried to go to another crocodile place, but the road was closed, and it was almost impossible to pass through an alternative road that needed a 4×4 car which I don’t have, so I decided not to go to this one. I also visited a wonderful farm where they rescue many animals, I was able to record very interesting sounds, unusual goat cries, and many others.
Today I am leaving the Dolphin coast, going North-East at St-Lucia. From now on it will be a lot of travel and exploration, around the East part of South Africa, I will go to Kruger park, and many other places, up to the time I will fly out in mid-May. I will try to keep my journal updated.

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