Journal Entry: Day 265

(Nomad: Day 1485),
Gonubie, East London, South Africa,

I stayed here near East London for 4/5 days even though it was not in my initial plan. Because of the flood and bad weather, I did not go to the mountain or directly to KZN flooded zone. I found a relaxing place facing Nature and a small patch of forest. It allowed getting some rest during Easter time. I also went for more animal recordings at the nearby Lion park, the East London Zoo, and the Aquarium. I was able to record more seal sounds, little puffs of tiger, and some interesting Lion cubs.
I am leaving today, towards the Durban zone, where they had some devastating floods last week. I don’t know how it will be but I am hoping to work well for 1 week and make significant progress. Afterward, I will go more East to the Wetland park area.

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