Journal Entry: Day 264

(Nomad: Day 1481),
Grahamstown, South Africa,

I continued my route to the East of South Africa.
I went to a wildlife park, where a lot of birds were living, I was able to record beautiful Blue Cranes and other species.

I stayed in port Elisabeth for 2 days where I have been able to finally record some sounds of seals. After trying in the wild unsuccessfully on the cliff of Robberg Nature reserve. Here they have 4 of them living in large water tanks. It was possible to get closer to the animals in order to record better sounds. Port Elisabeth is a nice coastal city, with many inhabitants, however, I think there are many petty crimes there.

I visited Addo Elephant Park, which is a wide game reserve area where it is possible to self-drive all over the park. I stayed 5 hours driving around, I saw buffalo, zebras, and elephants. I could record elephants grazing the grass. Although I don’t think this kind of driving game is the best to record great sounds, because of the noise of other cars but also my own car and the fact that it is not allowed to get out of the car, it was enjoyable anyway.

I then continued to Grahamstown, a university city, English colonial heritage with many heritage buildings and churches.

Not much to notice there, it started to be colder and have some rains, the neighboring province of KZN got flood disasters the past days. This is supposed to be my next destination for next week. I will be careful choosing where I will go, many infrastructures have been damaged by the flood. Today I am heading to East London where I will stay at least 3 days, I will be able there to work and prepare the next steps.

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