Stephane is a sound explorer, field recordist, and media artist.
He discovered the power of sound in the late 80s when computers started to enable its manipulation. Since then, he explored a world of infinite possibilities inside the machine; Studying, working, and participating in multiple projects as a sound technician, artist, programmer, and sound designer. He exposed himself to various environments of work and creative processes from artwork installations, to video games, and music production.

In 2016, with the aim to provide unique and useful sound effects libraries, Stephane founded ‘Articulated Sounds’, an independent online sound library creator label. After 7 years, Articulated curated more than 60 libraries, which represent more than 25,000 sounds, used by hundreds of sound editors and sound designers worldwide in movies and video games.

For 5 years now Stephane has experienced an ongoing journey of deep exploration, living as a nomad (perpetual traveler). He is slowly traveling and exploring cultures and Nature on all continents. On his way, he is recording all kinds of interesting sounds, with a particular interest in pure Nature away from anthrophony (human-made sounds). His endeavor is motivated by the wish to preserve the world’s most precious biodiversity and the ability to raise awareness about the underlying lost human-nature connection.

This blog is a journal of my adventures.

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