Journal Entry: Day 262

(Nomad: Day 1473),
Plettenberg Bay, South Africa,

After having spent 1 week in Jeffreys Bay focusing on work and priorities.
I am now back in the field recording, I took opportunities that the local school break has ended. I drove back to the West a little up to Plettenberg Bay, on my way I passed by cap St-Francis trying to spot seals, with no success. Then I went to a wolf sanctuary, I could capture some grunts and diverse sounds of wolfs but no howl this time. Then I went to the bird of prey sanctuary, I could record one spotted eagle owl. I also went to another wolf sanctuary, again not too much sound could be recorded, but I found donkeys which were very interesting, they can make such screeching sounds sometimes.
I also walk in the Robberg nature reserve, again in search of the seals. There is one colony staying there, however, it is a the bottom of the cliff, about 100m down when walking, and it is impossible to access by foot.
So today I am going there by boat, I might be able to capture some great seal sounds. There few other sanctuaries, and animal places in this area that I will visit in the next 3 days.

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