Journal Entry: Day 261

(Nomad: Day 1467),
Jeffreys Bay, South Africa,

I am now in Jbay (Jeffreys Bay), a chill surfing town. I am staying here for 1 week like a local as if I was living here, I have an apartment, a co-working space, gym access, and my goal is to work better on the stuff I need to do on the computer, before going out for more recording sessions.
Here are beautiful views of the Ocean, it is known as one of the greatest spots for surfing in the world. I have never surfed, I wish I could try one day, but since I am focused on my work, I probably won’t try it here. I will have more opportunities later on.
I like the vibe of the ‘surf people’, somehow hipy and chill. But my main draw to this town was the presence of a co-working space, which is not very usual in this kind of small town in South Africa.
It is right now school vacation until next week, and many families are on vacation around the coast, so while they are wandering, I am working and waiting for them to go back home, so I can do better recordings afterward, without their noise.

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