Journal Entry: Day 275

(Nomad: Day 1512),
Mahebourg, Mauritius,

I arrived in this new land Yesterday, on the island of the dodo.
My arrival was terribly uncomfortable. First I couldn’t sleep the day before because there was music blasting from a nearby nightclub until 3am, while I had to wake up at 5am. Also, it was very difficult to pack my stuff this time, since I chose to check one bag (as I saw limitation of 8kg for cabin baggage), also I had my rollerblade to pack, all in the same bag. Hence I was not very good at packing, I probably should have bought a bigger bag, but I did not want to be overcharged since I am planning to move around on a scooter.
Then arriving at the airport check-in, they asked me for a return ticket which I did not have, I was a little panicked. Even though I checked the information it was not clear about this requirement. Hence I had to buy last minute a ticket for a random destination on a random date. The issue is that they are all expensive in summer. I tried my onward ticket app, but it took too much time to deliver the ticket. All of that was very stressful. When arriving in Mauritius I was not welcomed very well, they asked me many questions and were very nonchalant, then they decided to check my bags, and they look at all my items one by one for more than 1 hour, and again it was difficult to re-pack again. By the end of the day, I was completely drained.
Hopefully, I woke up this morning with a beautiful view of the small town of Mahébourg, a more traditional, less touristy place. Here on Mondays, is a big famous market organized (bazar), and we are now Monday, a wonderful place and time to discover the local culture. I got my scooter, this one I am renting, and will keep it for 2 months.
In this new country, I am looking to be 100% productive on my work with the sounds on the computer, editing and creating new libraries. However I decided to shift things up contrary to what I usually do, I am taking 1 week to explore the island, discover the culture, and spot places. Then I will stay put and focus for at least 1 month, probably 2 if all goes well.
I already like the food and the people. It feels very safe, and the weather is top-notch. Somehow it reminds me of Malaysia since there are a lot of Indian descents, and influences from Chinese as well, but also moving around by scooter is very enjoyable and I haven’t done that since my time in Malaysia.
From here I will explore the South and West coast of the island, and finishing in the capital city Port Louis, then I will move into my new quarter in Curepipe.

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