journal entry: Day 273

(Nomad: Day 1507),
Kruger, South Africa,

Final day in Kruger, I have to say it is a nice park to visit. The infrastructures are good and there are plenty of chances to spot wildlife.
My second camp was in Letaba, I recorded from a hide 30 min from the camp. The area is full of elephants and could record some beautiful wild trumpets, the kind I never was able o record before even after visiting 10 different elephant places, so I am pretty happy. the hippos also make very great sounds here. I was able to spot and record thunderbirds (southern ground hornbill), these are becoming rare hence I think I was lucky.
After Kruger, I made my way back to the city area of Johannesburg, I made a night stop-over then I visited a Cheetah center where I was able to get close to Cheetah and record the purring sound.

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