Ambiences in Bern and around

Wandering  around this beautiful Unesco heritage site. Bern is really a nice place. The atmosphere is really interesting with the market and tramway.

I also have been to the Roman city of Avenches and its Roman amphitheatre ruins.

I took the opportunity to record distant traffic!

Even though I stayed just few hours in Bern,  I got a ticket for my  parking !! oups, I would say bicycles are king around here! I like to see it this way!

Geneva ambiences

For few days, I recorded some ambiences in the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, Switzerland!

The main spoken language in this part of Switzerland is French! And the city has a wide mixture of ethnicity.

I was impressed by the United Nations Office. I find it so enthralling to see that all these countries came in agreement to build these instances!

I have to say, in my opinion,  this city is not particularly beautiful, but at least they have a nice and big lake and an impressive fountain jet.

Maybe the most interesting aspect is that Spring has already begun…

oh! They have squirrel here too!

Exciting Geothermal Energy!

geothermal activity

I have made my journey to the Hellnar Area, a land filled of geothermal activities!

The Icelandics have made a proud of controlling this great renewable source of energy! 85% of all eclectricity in Iceland is provided by renewables!
I went to the geothermal plant to explore the sound of these steams and pipes.

Then I sought for mud pots and hot springs!  I really like the natural crepitation and bubbling sounds coming from our earth. It is so exciting!

I eventually found out  that it even exists a geothermal cuisine!

This was my last stop in Iceland! I still want to record more, as this island hasn’t revealed all its power!
I am really impressed by how the Natural Forces (Wind, Earth, Fire, Water,..) are inherent of the landscapes and shaped the way human cultures developed!

Stealth Recording in Reykjavik!

Going through parks, the Kolaportið market, the Hallgrimskirkja tourist crowd,   and random streets…

after many nights of not sleeping well in hostels

I think only the cat has discovered my disguise!

Songhellir, the singing cave

On the trail to Snaefellsjoküll, I passed through a place called “Songhellir” or “Singing Cave”  in English.
I walked up from the road intersection since there was no way to continue by car because of the ice and snow (winter time!)

I arrived in front of the entrance of the cave but unfortunately it was obstructed by a lot of snow.

Anyway, I was able  to climb up the snow and the icy rocks.
Hopefully I had train climbing last year, so I  had some assurance doing it!
A the top of my climbing I could enter some cavities where the wind was funneled and this made really cool swooshing sounds.

So, even if I couldn’t get into the cave, I had some nice recordings of wind!

Snaefellsjoküll, journey to the center of the Earth!

Snaefellsjoküll National Parc, Iceland

I have been exploring some place in the peninsula.
I have to say some places are breathtaking.
I have been riding through the Snaefellsjoekull National Park up to Hellnar and Arnarstapi.

It is pretty much lava fields all the way through which makes it looks more alien than any place I’ve seen.

The absence of trees or even bushes is stunning! The soil is a raw mixture of sand, rocks, moss and grass.

The fauna is therefore sparse, which is great to get some silence.
However these winter days are quite cold and windy!

This puts to the land an odd dimension of inhospitality while still attractive by its features.

Although I could capture some birds ambiences, and of course wind again!


From Anarstapi to Hellnar, the cliffs are majestic, they cut straight into the ocean, with colonies of thousands birds living right on the cliffs!

Just after Hellisandur, I found this high antenna that sparked my curiosity, unfortunately it did not emit any sound.

I began to climb on the trail that leads to Snaefellsjoküll glacier!!

The mountain is one of the most famous sites of Iceland, primarily due to the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) by Jules Verne, in which the protagonists find the entrance to a passage leading to the center of the earth on Snæfellsjökull.

… this is exciting …


Abandoned Shelters

I have always been attracted by abandoned house and places,
It is still mysterious to know that people used to lived there or some activities took place at this particular location.
The remains of another time, makes us travel in our imagination, and still sound can have some interesting particularities at those places.

In my trip to Iceland I stumble on 3 different shelters: 2 abandoned houses and 1 fish shed.

Since wind was an inherent part of the trip, the air passing by the remaining architecture and the holes made interesting recordings.

Welcome to Snaefellsnes Peninsula


Today I have been driving a lot,
making my journey to the magnificent Snaefellsnes Peninsula.
Again today was a gusty day.

The wind was so strong that I had to watch for my stuff as they would fly away and disappear with no notice. Few times, it happened that I almost blew the door of the car when I opened it.

Like Yesterday, I kept on recording wind as much as I could since everything everywhere was shaking.

I drove on the main road for a long time, but I was always looking to find the small tracks to get out of the main traffic.
I managed to find some and adventure myself onto those paths.
I setup the mics close to the ground so I could record the grass wavering in the wind. It was not easy to stay outside, wind and cold was unbearable.


I decided to go first at Stykkishólmur on the north coast of the peninsula as the weather forecast was announcing difficult rain in the south.

Arriving through the first lava field after the plains was thrilling. The green moss growing on lava rocks and contrasting with the icy mountain in the background is a candy for the eyes.

I found a nice little river with howling metal fence.

Arriving at Stykkishólmur, I was abble record some nice harbor ambiences but mostly wind-shaked stuff.

I also recorded the sound of these birds on the shore:

However in this video, it is the sound of the camera microphone. You can hear how windy it is!

I continued towards Rif, passing by Ólafsvík and Grundarfjörður with a nice cliff and finally a beautiful waterfall.

This was a windy but nicely rich day!

The Road to Borgarnes

On the road to Bogarnes,
I found this little town calles Akranes on the seaside of the west coast of Iceland.

The village in itself was not extraordinary but at the end of the town lays a nice lighthouse.

This particular day is very windy and hazy, it is difficult to stay outside. The rushing waves breaks loudly on the shore.

The scenery is grandiose, and I was figuring out how am I gonna record anything with this wind?
I figured out that this was a great occasion,
and I should take the opportunity to indeed record “wind”!

I started to compile a lot of wind sounds with obsession but this is kind of fascinating!


Surprising Steaming Earth!

I have been driving around Reykjavik onto the golden circle.

Past the Thingvellir park, I saw steam coming from earth, thus intrigued me.
I realized this was the Geysir area, with many hot pots and geyser.

The geyser ‘Geysir’ is well-known and it is considered the mother of all geysers, since its name gave the name for all geysers on earth.

The Geysir is not spurting at this time, but smaller but nice one just next to Geysir, called Strokkur, spurts a lot more.

For recording the geyser, I used the mkh418 and Sanken C0-100k.
This would make nice watery explosion sound!

What an amazing show from our planet! This is stunning.
The whole area is full of geothermal activities.

Along the trail, I found Smoking River too!

Next, direction Snaefellsness Peninsula….

Reykjavik – the pond & the pod !

backpack globetrotter recording

First destination on my itinerary – Iceland!
On this first day, I was tired of the overnight flight,
However I did sleep maybe 30 minutes in the plane, I was excited to discover the first stop on my new journey.

I walked around Reykjavik old city centre, recording ambiences of people passing by in the street of Laugavegur, and Austurstræti and around the pond of Tjörnin.

Reykjavik Recording

Interestingly at this pond there are really a lot of migratory birds such as geese, and many more.
then, I have been stealthily recording cafes ambiences.
I also had some construction work sound.

Then I found an interesting hostel which has spaceship pod as beds.
These make interesting noise and is visually thrilling, but also sleeping in it is really an interesting experience.

Galaxy Pod

New horizon

leaving Montreal

This is it! I finally made the big jump.
Today, I left the city and the 2 countries I’ve been living in for almost 8 years: Montreal in Canada and Montreal in Quebec.
But most of all, I began a grand new journey around the world. Indeed, my utter nomadic life begins here. I left almost everything, de-cluttered all my life, and selected the ultimate possessions to keep so they can fit in only one small backpack!
I am starting a new way of living which I believe will open doors to new opportunities.
backpack sound recording
It has been many years that I’ve been thinking of it, and it has been one month that I made the big decision and acted upon making it comes true.
I believe I will be able to travel and work at the same time.
The most exciting part is that I will record sounds from all over the world, and get immersed in varieties of cultures more easily than if I would have had to get back to an attached location.
I am now free to explore anything anywhere.
The world is full of wonders! Let’s discover them…

Room Tone in the Prison

Prison roomtone

We visited this old prison in Ottawa which has been re-affected and now holds an hostel! The cold reverberated sound coming from the stone wall amplified the eerie atmosphere of this moment.
A definitely unique place with its own unique sounds!


Messing around with dry ice!

Here it goes, I’ve finally been able to put my hands on DRY ICE! This literally burns on bare skin! Who knows?
So with gloves I spent all night up and messing around to try various interactions of the dry ice with objects and materials.

This has been pretty exciting!

Thanks to my friends Pablo and Charles for providing me with some dry ice. This was nicely inspiring.

Here is a sample from the recording session. Recorded with Sennheiser mkh-418 and Sanken Co-100k to get those high frequency in.

Funny to play with and pitch shift.

This sample is available to download and free to use in commercial projects following this licence