This Morning Dawn Chorus in an Andean farm near Cotacachi Village

Early this morning I got waken up by incredibly wonderful bird songs along with some roosters around the farm. I found it so a magical time, I was just opening my ears to the world and laid down still just enjoying this soundscape. dawn in the farm Then I thought: I couldn’t I record this and share it to others? I thus jumped out of the bed and in a hurry grab two microphones that I hung out of the window where the sound were coming from. morning chorus from the window It was difficult to access the place from outside directly as a hill was standing just in front of the wall. However the ambience was also great from the window. I am sharing here a little sample from this little special morning at Cotacachi’s country in Ecuador: Along with the birds, we can hear from far distance the village waking up with its church bells and some dogs.  

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