Waiting for the wolves

The wolf’s howl is a powerful strong sound of the animal kingdom. It is represented in many circumstances and is so typical of some mysterious and fantastic tales.

For some time now I kept a deeply-grounded desire to be able to record some of those. Unfortunately it is really difficult to get it from wild species. Coyotes are more easy to get as they have similar and louder howls, and are more numerous.

But today I took the opportunity to try and capture some howls as I discovered that zoo ecomuseum in Montreal have wolves.  There are 2 beautiful gray wolves which are healthy. I am not found of supporting zoo but it allows to get really close to some species which would be almost impossible in the wild.

Also I learned that it exists different types of howls . I am not sure which one I can get but I will figure it out.

I came here early and got a close approach to these creatures. I pointed out my shotgun mike and waited few hours. At some point they were playing and made some great growling sounds. However today the wolves did not howl. It’s ok, I can wait more times. It’s not like I am ordering a coffee. Patience is king!

I will try again, this for sure. I’ll come back next week, I am pretty sure I will be more lucky.

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