Reykjavik – the pond & the pod !

First destination on my itinerary – Iceland!
On this first day, I was tired of the overnight flight,
However I did sleep maybe 30 minutes in the plane, I was excited to discover the first stop on my new journey.

I walked around Reykjavik old city centre, recording ambiences of people passing by in the street of Laugavegur, and Austurstræti and around the pond of Tjörnin.

Reykjavik Recording

Interestingly at this pond there are really a lot of migratory birds such as geese, and many more.
then, I have been stealthily recording cafes ambiences.
I also had some construction work sound.

Then I found an interesting hostel which has spaceship pod as beds.
These make interesting noise and is visually thrilling, but also sleeping in it is really an interesting experience.

Galaxy Pod

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