New horizon

This is it! I finally made the big jump.
Today, I left the city and the 2 countries I’ve been living in for almost 8 years: Montreal in Canada and Montreal in Quebec.
But most of all, I began a grand new journey around the world. Indeed, my utter nomadic life begins here. I left almost everything, de-cluttered all my life, and selected the ultimate possessions to keep so they can fit in only one small backpack!
I am starting a new way of living which I believe will open doors to new opportunities.
backpack sound recording
It has been many years that I’ve been thinking of it, and it has been one month that I made the big decision and acted upon making it comes true.
I believe I will be able to travel and work at the same time.
The most exciting part is that I will record sounds from all over the world, and get immersed in varieties of cultures more easily than if I would have had to get back to an attached location.
I am now free to explore anything anywhere.
The world is full of wonders! Let’s discover them…

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