Journal Entry: Day 98

Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka,

Since my quarantine began, I keep writing my location as Dodanduwa but it is more nuanced as this residence sits between 2 villages Hikkaduwa and Dodanduwa, So I could have said Hikkaduwa instead.
Yesterday I planned better my stay in Sri Lanka. For sure I will stay more than the 30 days given from my 1st passport stamp at the airport, thus I applied for an extension that will bring the expiry date to July. I know now better the route I will take, and the steps and mission I will accomplish.
Now I am more serene for the upcoming future, I am still thinking about my next destination after Sri Lanka. It is not easy to plan all of that as the rules always change.
I wish I could get vaccinated here, I haven’t tried to get information about it yet. It would really help to ease my travels. If I do it, it would be in Colombo, and I plan Colombo to be the last stop in Sri Lanka, so not yet, I have some time to plan that.
Today is my 10th day in Quarantine, I think I still have 4 nights left before I can call myself free. Days look very similar and I am starting to feel bored. However no one can control time, it is a game of mind that exercises my patience skills. Hopefully, the setting here facilitates that, with daily yoga, and meditative surroundings; I am grateful I chose this place. I am working on my mind and body better than I could anywhere else.
Yesterday I received my ultrasonic microphone from Sweden! Manufactured by Petterson. I previously had to pay the customs and taxes which amounts to approximately 33% of its value, which I found expensive but I have no other choice now that it is already shipped. I tested it out with my smartphone and I have to say I am pretty impressed with how it works well with the android app ‘bat recorder’, I already recorded some and can hear them back easily with this app. It is very trippy! I can record up to 384 KHz (meaning I can record frequencies up to 192KHz). This is an impressive scale, and I will to it to the test of recording bats here. I am eager to see/hear what I can capture with that!

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