Journal Entry: Day 99

Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday was not very productive. I was not very focused, mostly low energy throughout the day. Then I did not sleep well at night. Maybe because of the full moon, I don’t see much explanation.
It remains only 2 days in quarantine, then I am free. I booked an Airbnb in Galle Fort. I will stay there for at least 1 week. I am a little worried about the covid case spike here, Yesterday was almost 1500 cases while the day before was around 1000. I feel they might implement more restrictions in the country. It is sad because I just arrived, and the situation was very good at my arrival and still, I haven’t finished my quarantine. We will see how it goes. I continued to play around with my new ultrasonic microphone, catching bats is pretty interesting.
Today I am scheduled to do the PCR test if all goes fine. Without it and its result I can’t move out.

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