Journal Entry: Day 97

Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka,

Today is day 9 of my quarantine here in Earthlinks house retreat. I think it has been a long time since I haven’t been exposed to that much humidity and heat for a long period. I believe it is good to do so from time to time, and reconnect with the external elements instead of relying on air conditioning. The way this place works make it like being part of a family which is interesting, however not a local family since they are from Poland. There is also one girl Juli which is from Germany. Speaking of family, I learned that my brother and his girlfriend got covid in France, I wish they’ll go through without issue.
I am starting to see the end of the quarantine tunnel and starting to think about what I do and where I go after the quarantine. I am a little worried since there is right now a spike in the covid numbers here in Sri Lanka (due to the festivities of Sri Lankan New Year the days before I arrived). I am a little stressed about it, as I see some areas being locked down, and some business and travel restrictions being put in place. I really don’t want to be stuck in any place, or being at risk. I am pretty sad and frustrated because I chose Sri Lanka based on the low number of cases, but now it becomes inversely risky. What to do? I want to plan my journey as if there was nothing different, but then I risk getting stuck. I’ll put my priority on my job and see if I can get to record what I need, and find a good spot to do the other part of my work (which rely on computer and connection).

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