Journal Entry: Day 91

Dodanduwa, Galle District, Sri Lanka,

It’s again a very beautiful morning here. I got bitten during the night at many spots, probably mosquitoes. There is no AC here, and the temperature is very high even at night, I have to open the window to make some air coming in. There was lots of dog barking yesterday evening until late. I have never been a dog lover, even though they can be cute, they usually are very noisy and I don’t like that.
Now it is quiet and rich in bird sounds, there are no big roads audible in the soundscape from my place, only the small path that has 1 car passing by every 2 hours.
Nothing new from my latest journal entry, I still don’t have the result of my PCR test so I have been stuck to the room only. The meals they bring to me are homemade vegan, they are delicious but I feel they miss some protein from what I usually take. Hopefully, I brought with me some pea protein powder from KL.
I tried to do some work Yesterday but the heat makes my motivation vanishes. So today, I decided I would work early morning when it is still a little fresher.
They have a yoga class later here, I only need the PCR test result and I am good to go there.
I have many projects on my plate, and emails to answer, which I put asides from before the flight trip. I need now to take that back on track.
The other day I signed a contract for a work I need to keep confidential. I will have to record bats, and there are in Sri Lanka, so I will have to plan ahead my itinerary. I finally ordered a Petterson mic that I make ship here. It will be able to record up to 384KHz!! I am very curious to try that out!

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