Journal Entry: Day 91

Dodanduwa, Galle District, Sri Lanka,

Today I am writing from a completely new country I have never been to before.
Yesterday I left KL and spent most of the day at the transit area in Singapore Changi Airport. The employees call the transit hall, the ‘red zone’ because this is where so many people mix from all over the world, it’s a highly contagious risky area I believe. I arrived Colombo late at night, I was escorted from the airport to the hotel, I had 2h more road. Arriving at the hotel they did a PCR test, and bring me to my room, from where I need to stay until I receive the result of this PCR test (which might take 24h), then I will be able to move around the property but have to stay there for 14 days, before getting my freedom in Sri Lanka.
I hope the PCR test will come back negative, I am worried as I stayed a long time at the transit area, I didn’t really think of it beforehand. Looking at other travelers there, I think I could have prepared myself better. Some of the travelers were wearing complete protection suits which is very bizarre but makes sense in these difficult times, I had only my mask as a protection, I could have done that better, And I will do it next time I take a flight.
Now waiting for the result.
The condition here is good enough to do work from the room. However, it is a little hot during the day. There is a balcony which has an access to a little jungle, birds are very bright in sound, this morning they came very close and thus I recorded these. There are also squirrels and monkeys in these trees. Very interesting and quiet place.

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