Journal Entry: day 92

Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday I got set free after the PCR test arrived negative.
Therefore I was able to walk outside the room and wander around the residence. I cannot go out of the residence but I can use all facilities.
It is very chill here, but also very hot. I am starting to get used to the heat a little. I think after 2 weeks I will be completely adapted to the temperature. For now, it is a little hard, when in comparison everywhere is AC in Malaysia. This 2-week retreat is a great thing, it is good to connect back with reality, and the real temperature. The food here is exquisite, very good vegan meals. I have Yoga in the morning, and it helps me to start my day on the right foot, I like it so far. The few things that bother me shouldn’t be an obstacle to my happiness and well-being. I will get prolific in my work, I do believe it strong. The space for yoga has a flat surface which is ideal to do some roller, and it makes me exercise the way I need, I might also do some bodywork.
Again the sound around here is rich in birds and other animals, I will probably try some different recording ways, I have some time and can experiment.
Now today I am focusing on the XP program for Articulated, a very interesting thing.

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