Journal Entry: Day 81

Kampung Beluru (Kuala Kangsar), Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday in the morning I went around the guesthouse where I stayed, It is a very nice valley, very quiet, without much noise, so I recorded from the railway bridge I found in the kampung, no big road here, only small houses and a lot of greens…
Yesterday was my only entire day around Kuala Kangsar and it was Sunday so I took advantage and made myself a kind of tourist. I went to see the nearby Victoria Bridge and had my lunch. While I was eating at the table egg sandwich & Kopi, a guy out of nowhere (total stranger) told me he already paid for my lunch and disappeared! What in the world?! I wouldn’t have thought anybody would do this and it is the first time it happened to me. I was shocked, puzzled, and somewhat uncomfortable. He did it as an act of kindness toward a foreigner. It is clear from my face that I am not from here and because it is a more local place than bigger cities. As an afterwards thoughts, I am very grateful for his gesture, it probably means that he welcomes me in his country.
During the day I went to see the royal city of Kuala Kangsar, I saw the palaces and the mosque. Everything was very beautiful.
In the evening I have been invited to dine at the mother’s house of my host in the small Kampung here. The family was very kind, and the meal was delicious. I’m happy I went to this guesthouse (Rumah Tamu Beluru). I believe people are more friendly in this region than others.
Today I am leaving for the North, I decided to go Lenggong then Gerik. The bike is heavily charged with all my stuff, I have (too) many bags, and it takes time and effort each time I move. I remember this was a reason why I was more willing to keep a base with my stuff, and then move and explore around. But now I am moving my base, I probably will have to settle soon (my wish would be in Penang, but can in Taiping too)

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