Journal Entry: Day 80

Kampung Beluru, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was the day I moved from Lumut to Kuala Kangsar. But first, in the morning I visited the small mangrove parc in Lumut before leaving for Kuala Kangsar with my bike.

Everything was going well on the road until the bike stopped moving. Something broke inside the bike I couldn’t tell what it was since I know nothing about mechanics. The most difficult is that this happened in the middle of nowhere where there were only very small kampungs (small villages), the city Kuala Kangsar was 40 km away, too far to push the bike. And also the sun was very strong, so I found a little place in the shade. I tried to find a solution by asking many people on chat and calling various numbers. It seemed the insurance company got a number of someone from Ipoh, and this person got a number of someone from Kuala Kangsar, and hopefully, a curious guy from the nearest kampung was there to talk on the phone (my Malay language skill is not good enough).

We managed to make it happens. After waiting 3 or 4 hours, the towing guys arrived and pick up the bike to their workshop in Kuala Kangsar, the trip was very slow, so the bike wouldn’t fell off the lorry. It took about 1h to do the 40km. Then arriving at the workshop, the guys examined the bike and were able to repair it the following hour. Very good service. I felt fortunate it turned out well in the end. All in all, it cost me 250rm (about 60usd) towing + repair work.
Also, I did not even speak about the rain, as it was a somewhat rainy evening at the same time. But I was able to get to my guesthouse room with my bike and without the rain. I arrived past 10pm. Without this issue, I would have arrived around 3pm or 4pm. And then I was tired of this day’s adventure, so I couldn’t do much more during that day. Arriving at the guesthouse I was very surprised by the quietness of this place. very interesting.

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