Journal Entry: Day 82

Gerik, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I moved from Kuala Kangsar area to the North.
My goal is to reach Royal Belum Park. I had planned to stay 1 day around Lenggong then go to Gerik.
In the morning I recorded some of the geese, and pigeon from the garden of the guesthouse. I packed my stuff and went to Lenggong. Arriving there I didn’t really like the place, and also because it is difficult to unpack and repack, added to the fact that I am not sure what I will find in this area, I decided to continue the road straight to Gerik, from where I will be able to reach my goal. So I arrived Gerik, and search for a room to stay, I found a ‘okish’ hotel, I will do the job for the few days I stay here. All these travels lately really put a strain on my body and my mind, so I decided to not plan any more road for tomorrow. Therefore I can also concentrate on some ‘in the box’ work.

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