Journal Entry: Day 8

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was Sunday, a nice soundscape could be heard from the 14th floor despite the road nearby.
Birds are very active around this area. I need to explore better the area (called the Kinta valley).
I went in the old town of Kampar, where stands lines of old houses, most of them older than half a century. It has its own charm and reminds me of Georgetown, Penang, with some Chinese temples around the corner. It feels more authentic than other parts of the city.
I managed to exercise 2 times, morning and evening, and was able to continue my e-learning so I can sharp skills.
Everyday, the weather forecast announces thunderstorm, but as usual, it is never correct since it has not really rained. It is more sunny and it’s pretty enjoyable even though it is very very hot in the middle of the day.
I also probably found the nicest cafe of all Kampar, called ‘the story’. It is not easy to spot, as it is not clearly indicated. I passed by in front of it 5 times, before really noticing it. It’s very loungy, full of plants, and more like a brunch place kind-of.

Today I eventually decided I will work on computer better than exploring. I set a clock in time of 10am to start, and will ‘eat my frog’ (start off with the most important stuff that I put aside in the past days). It’s more important as I was distracted with moving from KL/PJ to here, and then had to scout around my new place. It all has made me lost my train of tasks, now need to catch up seriously. I’ll give myself a wonderful gift at the end of the day if I successfully do the things I need to do.

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