Journal Entry: Day 7

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday, another day in Kampar. Not much new, I am in repeat mode almost.
I discovered another cafes from where I can work correctly.
I am impressed at how good internet connection is everywhere.
I really like staying here, it is very more quiet and chill than bigger cities but has all the facilities.
It’s just not very easy to find the kind of healthy vegan food I like. However they have other great options and few Chinese vegetarian restaurants. The price for meals is usually very low here. Probably the cheapest I’ve seen in Malaysia so far. Yesterday I dine in a rice restaurant, I served myself 3 different prepared dish, My plate was full and I paid 5rm (equivalent of 1.25 usd). I had similar meals in Malaysia for 8-12 rm, but never 5 rm so far. The day before I was in a very good Korean restaurant, a meal that usually would be priced at 20 rm, was priced at 12 rm here. I believe because it’s catered towards students, the price is slashed down. I can’t complain.
In the evening I registered on the Linkedin learning platform (previously was Lynda), I forgot how good these classes are, and useful, with many different topics. So I started to learn better, I am confident I will strengthen my knowledge and skills in many areas from now on, instead of wasting time on useless social media posts!
I decided to extend my stay here until February 1 at least. This will allow to discover some places around, but also have a better productivity.
From a course on happiness I watched Yesterday, they pinpointed the 4 key factors that help us achieve happiness: comfort, contribution, connection, and compassion.
It helped me understand that comfort is not so bad. It is true that going out of the comfort zone allow to grow stronger. But being in the comfort zone help us take more risks in our thoughts and actions, and thus allow us to go further. I believe it’s a balance to achieve. Although this way to see it, help me to feel less guilty about being in a comfort zone.

Today I will probably have a similar day as Yesterday. I have to achieve some tasks, and I will put myself on challenge to see how much I can achieve more. Let see how it goes.
Tomorrow will be a wandering day.

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