Journal Entry: Day 72

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Today I’m leaving Kampar, after 10 weeks staying at this place.
It is a very strange feeling but a must needed move. I was starting to root myself a little too much there.
I have so much stuff to pack, it feels daunting, knowing I have to attach everything to my bike.
But it will be fine, I have done that many times before, I just have a little more bulk than the previous times.

Yesterday I finally went to check out ‘Refarm’ and recorded some animals at their mini zoo. I didn’t know what to expect inside this place. I thought it was about reconnecting with simple things, nature, and farm activities, hence the name ‘Refarm’. However, it is in reality very disconnected from my vision. They have huge swimming pools, 3 or 4 of them for tourists. They sell industrialized packaged snacks, and all the animals are caged up in small enclosures for visitors to have fun with them. It has nothing to do with a ‘farm’ retreat, and even less with a genuine connection with Nature. It just reinforces the egocentric mind position of human beings, messing around with the environment for their own pleasure. What a deceptive teaching kids are getting from visiting these places. I fear the Nature disconnection might be stronger within the next generations.
This rejoins my understanding of how Malaysia and many other countries manage and cultivate their relation to Nature while seeking constant economic growth. There are so many aspects to be analyzed in this area, and so many things to say and do, I could write one or two books on this matter. It is enough for today’s journal entry. see you tomorrow

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