Journal Entry: Day 71

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

It has been few days since I have not written in my daily entry in the journal.
In fact, there wasn’t so much new to tell from the past days this week.
We are now Friday, and it would be more like ‘Day 75’ if I was correct, but anyway I decided to follow an order and not jump numbers.
I have been reflecting on the place I lived for the past 10 weeks.
I really feel Kampar is a city that has everything I like and enjoy which suits my life quite well. It’s very rare and difficult to find this kind of places. But my time has come to move on.
I can feel the time I stayed here was longer than usual, I can say that from week 7 I really started to lose track and felt like time was disappearing somehow. It’s a fact I have to take into account for the future, something like 6 weeks (1 month and a half) is a good time duration for a stay.
What comes out the most as an improvement I need to take care of in the future: it is my accountability towards my own business goals and works. To make thing s happen alone is almost impossible, even if I put all my effort, and try strategies and methods. I really need someone to refer to and reflect on my endeavor. I have been trying to look for a mentor or coach but still have not found it, but it has become clear this is probably in my top 3 priorities for the next months. The lockdown (MCO) allowed me to experiment on myself and see what I can achieve on my own, I started well with many positive outcomes; but without accountability, I ended up losing track, and not just a little, I completely lost track in fact. So yeah here it is, it is not a revelation, but it really shed up the lights on this part of how I manage my business.

Yesterday, I went on a small trip. As my time is counted here, I decided to look for the places I wanted to see and hear but did not go yet. I really wanted to check the road that goes to Cameron Highlands, as I remember my bus trip on this road (coming back from Cameron Highlands to KL). The forests were so green on this road. So I went and checked the first town (which is still downhill in fact), Kuala Woh. They have a managed park, they call it a ‘getaway to nature’, however, it is very small and still very noisy. It is more like a place for a family picnic, so they make it clean with leaves blower making such noise. The river itself there makes a lot of noise. I was able to spot some very beautiful butterflies, however. The Raja Brooke butterfly!
Then I checked a little Tapah town and went to the Lata Kinjang waterfall which was very nice but was supposed to be closed, I passed by the barrier entrance as many were doing so.

Tomorrow I am heading to the West coast at Lumut for a first step, then probably I’ll go a little more up, Kulala Kangsar or Taiping, and try to get an entrance to Penang. Let’s see how it goes. I still have tons of stuff to pack and make them attachable to my bike(!?!). I just got a new helmet and installed new mirrors on my old Yamaha Ego. It will make the trip much more enjoyable! This helmet is way more isolated, so I will less suffer from the noise and dust.

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