Journal Entry Day 70

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was more of a quiet day.
After the 2/3 days rush trip in Pangkor/Lumut, it was much needed to have some more rest.
I worked on my French MOOC in the evening.
I will leave Saturday (only 5 days left) from Kampar after 8/9 weeks at this place, this is very difficult as Kampar has offered me everything I needed, and is exactly suited to my lifestyle, but I have to continue my road; I have seen enough of this place, for now, it was great to live the lockdown and travel restriction there, I was forced to stay there but at the same time I really liked it and made it my choice; It turns out to be the right approach. In the end, I really believe this place is one of the best for me. I might come back, It is easy to access.
Another interesting thought comes from my jogging Yesterday;
I noticed many people taking pictures of the next building, which is for me a banal, and almost hideous grey/black rectangular building. It’s not the first time, I often saw people standing there taking pictures and selfies, and I couldn’t understand until Yesterday, I decided to ask why? The answer was simple and obvious for them, it’s because it is a new development building that looks very unique for local people. Although for me it is as banal and boring as any building, it made me wonder on that absolute truth that personal judgment and perceived value is something very very subjective and depends on many factors, but mainly cultural heritage and environment can completely change the vision of anyone. What I see as hideous can be seen as extraordinary and spectacular for others, and the inverse is true too. It’s a great lesson in life. To not judge from your own taste, and not think that our own beliefs are universally shared as if it was an absolute truth.

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