Journal Entry: Day 6

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was another day in Kampar, my new ‘home’town. I am starting to feel better anchored here which will allow me to jump higher. I am thinking of planning some excursions on interesting locations around here. For now I am still discovering this town and arranging my life routine.
Yesterday morning I was able to do some exercise with rollerskating, the streets around my residence are very wide, flat, and with no traffic, just perfect for some good rides. I find an interesting Chinese vegan restaurant, I could work with my laptop from cafes and from home.
My tasks are being taken care of, slowly but surely. I went for a run/walk around the neighbor in the evening. The sky was beautiful. I could see how empty the all area feel. They built so many new residences, but most of them are unoccupied. It’s new but abandoned, I feel little sad about it. I believe the post covid era will resolve to the current decrepitude state of the infrastructures. Here is like a big student campus but with nobody, there even has some cows roaming around. For me is the perfect place to live, there are all the amenities that I need for my work without the stress of the big cities. I was thinking that even though the student never come back, this could be an ideal ‘digital nomad’ town. And with so many people working remotely now, I think this would be the next trend in town planning around the world (short or mid-term rental with mix of house & workplace near Nature).

Today is a beautiful day, I woke up at the same time of the sun, the best way to wake up! I feel energized by the light and the birds singing. I feel blessed and want to honor the gift of life. I believe it will be a day full of meaningful actions. I am very positive of the potential outcome. I will continue to track my time and perfect my schedule. Arriving in new places always takes me time (at least 4/5 days) to feel at ease, fully in sync to be at my best.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I might record more of Nature around the area, as it is holiday day, there might be less traffic in early morning.

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