Journal Entry: Day 5

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was not very interesting. I went through my routine, but woke up too late in my opinion.
I explored the pond area, but all roads are difficult to go further away, there are private barricades, and also some unfriendly dogs, I couldn’t get far, but one road seems to access further away, I will explore better by bike, at least if I got attack I can escape more easily.
Yesterday, it was great to put in place a timed to do list. however I kind of messes up from the middle. I found my work session was not productive, I felt muscle ache and the aircon at this place was blowing air directly on me. I could not stand there, but I kind of appreciate this place exist, it is labelled as a ‘study lounge, and cafe’, wifi is good there. I might go there again, but force me to stay focus. The weather looks the same everyday, it start nice and cool with some clouds, then there are some sun during the day when it’s the hottest, and in the evening the rain begins to fall. Thus roller in the evening is not possible. I need to think more positive I guess. Yesterday I fell I wasted time, but I guess I started to feel a little lonely. Even though I like it, I would have much prefer to know someone here, or have friend around here. I believe this is this feeling that made me waste time on app like Tinder. I should probably mitigate my use of these apps.
I try to understand why my to do list failed to execute Yesterday, and it comes clearer to my mind that I miss one important aspect: accountability. I am not sure how to get accountable for my plans. I heard some people hire other people only for accountability. It seems this could be one solution, or if an app like a carpool but for work accountability. I surely need to search about it!!! I also believe I need more clear goals, thus more defined and attainable.
In the evening I felt my soul was dissipated and all my purpose blurry.
Some wind blew through the windows making this incredible whistle, I never heard that before, I surely recorded it. I slept better this night, I remember having strong dreams with strong feelings, but can’t really remember the details of it.

Today, the air is cool. I don’t want to waste any minutes of my day. I want to harness the day the way to should. Wake up and make waves. I will prioritize and execute, but make it more traceable in some way. Let’s get better.
I give myself 3 more days (including today) to perfect my routine here. Monday I am thinking to unwind, with so much Nature around here, it will be quiet and nice to explore some of the places.

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