Journal Entry: Day 4

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I discovered a part of the city of Kampar, it is more like a big village.
I spent most of the day to plan, arrange my little life here. I first find out that the building where I stay has a small gym which is open and accessible, it makes my daily routine more easy. It is small but enough for now. I did a list of essentials I needed and went shopping latter in the day for these (like knife, bowl, hand-soap, hangers ….). I ask the management to find me a better chair so I can work for long hours. I scouted on the map the places where I can find food that fit my diet (mostly vegetarian and healthy), I scouted places that could allow me to work in great condition and have a Wifi connection while drinking good coffee; There are some nice place like this here, and this is what I like about student city, is that you can easily find suitable place to study/work. This will be helpful for large data transfer as my current apartment has no Wifi.
For lunch, I found a nice Japanese restaurant, and searched a little bit on how to publish to social media from WordPress post directly. I found out a plugin that could do that which I am satisfied with for now.
I did not work on my main task list unfortunately, I had to put it aside, and had not my mind to focus and attack these projects. I was in a mood to prepare myself and arrange my new place so I can be at the most productive the next days. It took me more time than expected to find the items I was looking for, I did 3 stores and I ended up buying a blender(??), wtf this was not expected, but I decided to do my own healthy juice/smoothie. The blender was so cheap I couldn’t say no. I found a lot a fruits and veggies, this is great for clean diet/detox. During the day, I could discover a little of the new town of Kampar, and around my place. The place is surrounded by many many ponds, that cover the whole area here called Kinta Valley. These are old mining sites not used anymore. Therefore it creates a wonderful landscapes with so many little lakes, where fish and birds can thrive. Another geographical feature are the neighboring mountains that draws a perfect hilly skyline, they would be perfect for daytrip hikes (Gunung Relau & Gunung Bujang Melaka).
The streets around my place are interesting too, as they are designed like old coloured house similar to a Disney land decor. However it’s quite eerie, there are not so many people. Since the covid crisis, most students does not physically live here anymore, they do everything online so they probably stay at their hometown. It makes a great place to take some sounds of deserted streets. Also from my place (I am at the 14th floor), the soundscape is quite remarkable even though the road nearby can be noisy at times.

This night I did not sleep so well. My eyes are still irritated from the bike trip, I need to take care of that today. I really should wear protection for eyes on next night trip.
I am not very happy since I woke up a little late.

Today, I will be more productive. I will allot time wisely, I will take care of my main task list. I will do 2 exercise sessions so I can sleep well at night. I’ll find medicine for my eyes. I have to cut my hair, they are pretty long now. I’ll go walk explore the ponds around the house after workout this morning. I will still experimenting with the schedule to find a balance for my focus to be at its best. I’ll try however to stick as much as I can to my plan list. If I follow that, I believe tomorrow will be a very focus Friday.

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