Journal Entry: Day 48

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday, I extended my stay for 2 more weeks. Since travels to other districts or states is not allowed, there is not so much choice.
Also yesterday started the MOOC I registered in. It’s an online course by Cavicam (Alliance Francaise). This is called “Enseigner le Francais Langue Etrangere” (Teaching French Foreign Language). This is will in 1 month give me a certification so I can officially teach French. I am very curious to see how it goes and what are the methodology teaches. It is not that I want to reconvert as French teacher, I just want to acquire an additional skill in my panel. Many people want to learn French (it is the second most learned language in the world!) and it happens this is my first language too, so it’s more easy for me to make people learn some of this language. Let’s see how it goes.
In another note, I was able to access the swimming pool for first time since I stay in the residence ‘Champs Elysees’ here. I witness some crazy bubbling trickling sounds that I will record. In the evening I worked at the Yunique tea place, I also witness great insect sounds late in the streets near Bandar Baru, I will probably record around this area.
Today is my ‘Listening’ day! Officially finally! I will listen to many of the past recordings, and I will focus solely on that; At the same time I will tag the ones that still need editing, and I will identify the recordings that stands out.

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