Journal Entry 49

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Here, activities have now returned to a similar level as it was before MCO. The streets of Bandar lama (the old town) are full of human life, shops have reopened, which is in complete contrast to the ghost town I witnessed a few weeks ago.
I have been thinking about one important word, the word: ‘Stop’. I believe this word is the key to the future of humankind.
Let me explain. We’re currently in the midst of a frenetic growth movement. Humans seek to always do better, we are taught from birth to be the ‘best’, we celebrate what we think is an accomplishment. In most cases, it is a human-centric conception of good and bad. I truly believe we should reshape our core beliefs and human-made realities. We need to incorporate the whole spectrum of life in our reality because we are natural beings, we come from land and sea, we are part of the extraordinary evolution of life on earth which developed over billions of years.
What is happening right now, is that we invented an imaginary conception of who we are, and who we are not; completely detached from reality. We believe, worship, and cherish what we think is good for us, in doing so, we close our eyes on the real world and in the meantime running to our own loss. Therefore here is my remedy number one, it’s easy and is one word only: Stop!
Stop building roads,
stop thinking of us as the center of the world,
stop consuming like there is no tomorrow,
stop aiming for the ‘best’, or the ‘worse’,
stop auto-feed ourselves in pre-conceived culture,
stop raising children,
stop killing life,
stop being selfish,
stop polluting,
stop using plastics,
stop thinking humans are more important because we are not (we truly are dust in the universe).
stop exploiting the planet’s resources!

Just enjoy what we already have, what we already are.
Be happy with oneself right now!
We truly don’t need ‘more’

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