Journal Entry: Day 47

Kampar. Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I was looking at various gear parts and accessories and would order to make them ship here. I am worried to make ship from USA. so I have been searching for more local stuff. I am looking to upgrade the internal ssd disk of the laptop, a m2 pci card, so I can boost my leeway when working on projects. It has been months that I am always on the fringe of getting the disk saturated, I always have to make some folders sync as ‘online only’ in Dropbox. Now that I am updating the entire catalog, it is beginning to be impossible to manage that way. I really have to get a bigger internal disk.
On another note, I have been adjusting my routine a little differently.
Now that I have access to gym, I can do exercise in the middle of the day instead of morning, breaking the day in 2 parts, giving me a boost of energy when it is the most efficient. Otherwise, it is too hot outside in the middle of the day. Also I am realizing that my mornings are the very most productive time of the day, no matter what. So I really have to use that to my advantage for work time, when I need all my focus.
It’s always nice to go work at cafe with my friend, this time Daboba, where they have nice mochi.

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