Journal Entry: Day 3 (Kampar)

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday evening I did the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kampar with my old scooter.
Wow it was tiring, I think it’s the first time I do so long trip in the dark. Very difficult for the eyes, I wish I had protection glasses, cause I got many dirt, and insects in the eyes. At one point I had to ask someone help for a screwdriver (which I should have), I had to unscrew the useless exhaust cover of the scooter that was going away, and hung down on the road.
It took me 4h on the road (counting stops). Before that it took me 2h to pack all my stuff and fix them on the bike. Arriving here, it had almost 1h to install, unpack, and unwind.  But all my day Yesterday was focused on that move, from the time I woke up, I was searching where I could go, and if it was wise to go or better to stay in Subang Jaya. I looked for Port Dickson, or Lumut for destination, but I finally remember about Kampar, a place that I had looked up on the map few months ago and seems like a very interesting one for me.
I really think I did the right move, as from midnight the lockdown in Selangor was in effect. And not knowing how long it will be in effect. They announced 2 weeks initial, but might be extended for months..  I left just in time to avoid road closures. Here in Perak it is only partial lockdown, so life is more easy, and most places still open.
I was not willing to left, since I was well installed there and really liked this neighborhood, I had my routine installed and was finally ready to be productive but covid dictated otherwise.

It is sad and stressful to see the rise of cases everywhere, I think everybody feel the same. This pandemic might separate us more, but at the same it also unites us in face of our similar vulnerabilities. We all are impacted, be it financially, emotionally, physically. I really hope this will resolve in the upcoming months.

Today I am still a little tired from the road, particularly my eyes are still irritated, but I feel serene about the upcoming weeks. I am now installed in the studio apartment in a student-oriented complex. I am now at the 12B floor (floor 13), The view from the apartment is beautiful, a lot of greenery and some mountains. I feel blessed. I am now beginning my day on a positive vibes. I need to move my body, exercise a little bit, I feel stuck in motorcycle mode. Time to find a gym, or something similar. I have some little stuff I need to find for the apartment too, as they are missing, like hand soap, garbage bag, and probably find a better chair.
I will follow my master list to keep on track for work.
Let see what the day has to offer….

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