Journal Entry: Day 37

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was more interesting for many reasons,
I still have my recorder in the forest dragon path. I will get it out today.
Gyms reopened. And barber also are allowed to function so I got my haircut.
Basically all the business reopened but we still under MCO (Movement Control Order), we can’t go further than I was able to km and can’t cross district. Looking forward to the decision of the government in the coming days.
I was able to work in a cafe, and I was very focus for more than 3 hours straight. I am wondering how to attribute, reproduce this state more often and for longer period. It just put the finger on one of my biggest dilemma. As I learned how to manage projects I also got an ability to look at big pictures, detaching myself from the smallest elements. I thus do it instinctively all the time. I need to learn back how to be re-immersed myself in creativity, to be absorb in the matter the way I did in the past. I know how to take a step back and embody visions on a global scale, but now it is time to soak in the smaller chunks, just immerse myself to the tasks, I will go a long way.

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