Journal Entry: Day 36

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

I feel Yesterday was Sunday lazy day,
the similitude of my days are impacting on my motivation, but also because I have no one to relate on.
I still have not found a coach or mentor, or any one similar. Anyway I’ve always been my own boss, I know how to lead myself. It will take more time but I probably learn more in the end.
I prepared my recorder for a drop rig for the night, I realized I have many past recording I did in Malaysia I have not backed up yet. And then I went through my archives and realized I have so many recordings still sleeping.
I have some work to put in place.
I placed the drop rig on the beginning of the Dragon Path. I hope it will catch some interesting sounds, the same I heard the other day.
In the evening I watched a documentary called into the jungle, I was mesmerized by the effort and results that got those conservationist depicted in the documentary.
It reminded me that conservation is one of my driving force and cause for recording sounds. I really cherish this aspect of my work from the bottom of my heart.

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