Journal Entry: Day 38

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

I got my recorder back from the dragon path, and found out the sd card failed at some point. Half the recordings are blank, meaning I have only one night of recordings. The recorder automatically splits the longer recordings into smaller files of size of 4Gb. I am not sure what happened but the files are there on the card, however the audio part is not there, they do not have a header and it seems I can’t open with any soft. I have been trying to repair them but it does not work, the audio was not recorded on these. I suspect the sd card to be responsible, I don’t often use 512gb sd card, it is probably above the capacity of the A10, however I can’t find any information about. So next time I’ll probably stick to 128 gb cards.
Then I went cafe to work on the template of the new identity for visual com, scrolling pinterest I found interesting blogs which reminded me that I need to try the clippy mics which seems to be quieter than the mikrousi, therefore I made an order that will ship all the way from UK up to here. I also found out about better twist ties, not the gardening one that I have now, so I will also order that. Today is a good day to send my mail whatever it takes.
Today is probably the last day of MCO here. They announce it will extend in KL, Penang and Selangor, but not here. So I will be able to move freely in the region.

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