Journal Entry: Day 35

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

another routine day with a taste of Saturday.
I went run, and had my Malay class which I am really happy with. The teacher is very good.
I managed some post on social media, I went eat at the secret coffee salad and matcha latte to find out at check out they do not do their promotion but it still written in big on the wall.
I took it easy in afternoon. Managing some of the new file with the UCS.
I thought about the 5 years of articulated which is coming very soon. There will be some kind of celebration.
Still struggling with email platform, in the possibility I stay with mailchimp I have to test more of their functions to see if it fits my need correctly.
In the evening there was the Sturday pasar malam (night market) next to my place. It is bigger than last week, they added the cloth stands. I had some amazing Kacang (nuts), similar to peanuts but heated which gave them a great taste and texture.
I also began a course on Biology but it seems a little too advanced and detailed which makes it difficult to follow.
Today Sunday, I probably got my recorder working, I have many ideas of possible recording.
There are many other tasks I need to achieve, and since morning I really my most productive time I need to put it to my advantage.

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