Journal Entry: Day

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia

So Yesterday we finally got back to the same trail and went hike onto the Dragon path! An entire loop. Not a big hike but just enough to get immersed and stay healthy. With no surprise there were still lot of leeches and mosquitoes. I was a little worried about the latter as my friend got dengue few months earlier. I could spot a nice location for me to drop a sound rig latter on. In fact at the base it is very more quiet than on top after hiking 10 min you can hear loudly the distant traffic. There was some monkey calls very intense sound, I really wish to come back and place my microphones at this area.
Later on I worked again on my mailing platform, I am still undecided to definitely leave mailchimp even if it is expensive and they have bugs, there are some interesting functions, like the option to send postcard, and the connection with social media; also all my website backend is now connected and configured already with mailchimp. I still have few days with the trial in Omnisend. I will see. There are many other projects too I will work on this week end. Busy times…

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